The Cell: True/False

  1. Prokaryotes have no membrane bound organelles? T/F
  2. All cells possess a cell wall? T/F
  3. The mitochondria once existed on its own? T/F
  4. Prokaryotes has 80s ribosomes? T/F
  5. Ribosomes possess a single membrane? T/F
  6. The cytosol is the liquid part of the cell? T/F
  7. In differential centrifugation the nucleus is precipitated first? T/F
  8. Eukaryotes possess a nucleus? T/F
  9. Membrane bound ribosomes and free ribosomes synthesis protein that have the same purpose? T/F
  10. The nucleolus is a dense region found in the nucleus? T/F
By AmethystAP

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