Enzyme quiz

The following is a Multiple answer question examination
Select the correct multiple answer using ONE of the keys A, B, C, D or E as follows:
A. 1, 2 and 3 are correct
B. 1 and 3 are correct
C. 2 and 4 are correct
D. only 4 is correct
E. all are correct

1. Which of the following enzymes belong to major class 1
1) Phenolase
2) Alcohol dehydrogenase
3) Peroxidase
4) Hexokinase

2. TPP is a cofactor for :
1) Pyruvate decarboxylase
2) Alcohol dehydrogenase
3) Alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase
4) Pyruvate kinase

3. The correct order of the following enzyme classes are:
1) Hydrolases, oxidoreductases, transferases
2) Transferases, hydrolases, ligases
3) Ligases, isomerases, lyases
4) Lyases, isomerases, ligases

4. The following binds to both the free enzyme and the enzyme substrate complex:
1) Uncompetitive inhibitor
2) Non-competitive inhibitor
3) Competitive inhibitor
4) Mixed inhibitor
5. Malonate is what can of inhibitor:
1) Reversible
2) Mixed competitive
3) Competitive
4) Uncompetitive

6. For mixed inhibition :
1) Km increases
2) Vmax decreases
3) Km decreases
4) Vmax is constant

7. The specificity of Phenolase:
1) Stereospecific
2) Relative
3) Dual
4) Absolute to catechol

8. Enzymes:
1) Show specificity
2) Speeds up a reaction rate
3) Doesn’t affect equilibrium
4) Affects free energy

9. The Km:
1) The number of substrate converted to products per enzyme per second
2) Determines substrate affinity
3) The point of saturation of the active site of an enzyme
4) The substrate concentration that is equal to ½ Vmax

10. Michaelis-menten equation assumptions states:
1) Enzyme- substrate complex concentration is constant
2) At initial velocity the product concentration will not be small
3) Substrate concentration is larger than enzyme concentration
4) Substrate concentration that is equal to Vmax

By AmethystAP

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